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Best RV Food Chopper Ever

Cathy Lea.
I use my full sized Cuisinart™ food processor a lot when I am at home because I hate chopping vegetables. But it is a little heavy and bulky to take on the road. Recently I found the most wonderful replacement. It is called a Veggie-Chop™, made by Chefn. It looks like a small salad spinner but it has very sharp blades inside. You just drop chunks of veggies into the bowl and pull the ring. It is like using the hand pull to start a lawn mower. It chops great, and no onion smell escapes. You can make a salsa entirely in the bowl, just like a Cuisinart. I got mine at Williams and Sonoma and it was only about $25, best bargain I ever got at that high priced store. I am sure they sell them elsewhere, but I have not seen them yet.

So, if you like to cook on the road and need to chop a lot of things, try this little gadget out, you will not be disappointed.

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