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We are always searching for new and exciting ways to make it easier to cook good food in our recreational vehicles and to eat good food as we travel. Our greatest interest is in hints and tips for anything generally food or cooking related that would be useful to hungry RV travelers. Your hint or tip is very welcomed and appreciated.

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  1. We Are Real People. All of the hints sent to this web site are personally reviewed by real people to ensure correctness, completeness and protect against abuse/spam. This means your hint may not be visible online immediately, so please be patient and avoid sending the same one multiple times.
  2. Review Before Sending. We do our best to filter duplicate hints and edit for content, spelling and grammar where needed. It helps us get your hint listed sooner if you take a little extra time to review your hint for accuracy before clicking the Send button.
  3. Due Credit. Hints copied from a cookbook, guide book or web site must credit the source. Hints you have created, modified or updated to fit your RV kitchen should credit you and your inspiration.
  4. Creative Commons License All submissions are considered to be eligible for publishing under a Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share Alike International license. You can read more about this on our license page.